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What am I really buying?

If you are looking for a professional licensed real estate inspector then you're probably trying to answer the big question... What am I really buying?  Both homeowners and investors need this vital information to be able to make the best purchasing decision.  Unexpected repairs can destroy homeowner dreams and investor profits. 


Burton Inspectors is a family-owned business of professionals who inspect homes and manage renovations in the North Texas area. We offer 24 hour turn-around service and comprehensive inspections with advanced tools. All inspection reports, inspection agreements, and payments are online and protected for our client’s security.

Inspections Services 

Comprehensive Residential, Component, 11-Month Warranty, Pre- Qualified, Stucco, Move-In Certified, Annual, Moisture Intrusion, Wind Mitigation, and more!

We are additionally certified in the following areas

HVAC -  Structure and Foundation - Electrical - Chimney - Plumbing - Stucco - Pool & Spa - Roof - Appliance - Water Well  - Crawl Space - Indoor Air Quality - Infrared - Fire Extinguishers  -  Decks - Exteriors -  Septic - Mobile Homes, Trees, and more.

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About Us

About Burt

Burt is a native Texan and U.S. Marine. In 2010, he moved to North Texas from Houston where he was engaged in commercial landscape construction.  He is supported by his loving wife and two sons.

Burt Says...

There are a lot of house inspectors available, but what you want is a home inspector. What’s the difference? At the end of long grueling day, you don’t dream of going to a house. You long to go home. 

Home is the place where you can finally relax. It’s where you go to enjoy a warm bath with your favorite music. It’s where you make a delicious meal and finally settle down in the comfort of a soft bed, engulfed in all you’ve worked so hard to achieve. 

We understand what a home means and inspect according to this standard. 

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Burt Wilson

Texas Professional Real Estate Inspector, TREC # 22999

InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector

City of Dallas Licensed Home Repair & Registered Building Contractor

FAA Certified Remote Pilot


Serving all areas of Texas

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